Steps to take when your products failed the «qc» inspection

As an importer, you may sometimes receive third-party inspection reports with a “Failed” result. After this experience you would need to think about taking three steps before releasing the shipment.

Step 1: Double check if the defects are acceptable (or not).

Even if the result of the inspection is negative, you can decide whether to release the shipment according to the type of defects and your specific quality requirements. 

Step 2: Discuss with the factory about reworking the production.

Often defects are not easy to fix. Rework on existing defects might cause new defects. Accepting the goods with discount (only!) sometimes might be a more practical choice. 

Step 3: Verify the factory has reworked the your order

Ask the factory to send you photos and video evidence of rework. If you have doubts about the goods being reworked, request a Letter of Guarantee from the factory, or arrange a new inspection. 

Probably, after a bad inspection result your company would consider to check and solve quality problems earlier next shipment. You can count on us!

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